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When you've been injured, choosing an attorney to represent you is an incredibly important decision. Our job is to make sure you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet. Read about our previous client's experiences and why with our 30 years of experience we would make the best attorney for you.

2019 Reader Rankings Best Personal Injury Firm Winner

Well my case was definitely complicated due to no lawyer likes to pick up hernia injury cases, every lawyer in Oklahoma was telling me "there's no money in that" and would deny me any services.. I was depressed and my job was rail roading me making me pay all medical bills and treating me like I was an outcast. I prayed. I then called Dan Davis and I explained my situation to Ryan the workers comp lawyer he began to listen to my horrible experience and It wasn't about the money it was the principle. This man and his assistant Kim Mullins took my case and fought for me communication was the biggest factor, believe it or not they became like family and we got threw this victoriously and I am so blessed to not only have won my case but to have acquired new friendships... I recommend this law firm. 100%.


If I ever need an attorney for anything I would only want this Firm . Ryan Dexter handled my stressful disability claim and I received my benefits within 90 days . S.P. Earlsboro


From the moment I had my car accident I knew I was going to need a lawyer on my side because one of my children had gotten hurt in the same accident. I contacted The Dan Davis Law Firm and they let me know from the beginning they were going to take care of my family. I am very pleased with all the hard work and compassion I received from this Law Firm. The receptionists, my lawyer, Mr. Kelliher, and his assistant, Ashley, handled and took care of my case. I cannot recommend them high enough.


Dan Davis, Ryan Dexter and Kim Mullins of this Law firm have done nothing but deliver everything that they have promised and then some. I'm more than happy with this lawfirm! I have received an above standard rate of attention and compassion from the entire staff. I have been completely thru the work comp/surgery and settlement process and have came out really well and now as I am finishing up a permanent Social Security Disability claim, I have to admit that I'm VERY confident and VERY pleased I chose Dans Office because they have delivered 110% and who knows where I'd be if I hadn't hired his firm to represent me thru all of this. Thanks to Dan D. and R. Dexter, I have hope in the future, again. Call them. They DO win! They DO care and they DO show up to play ball. You choose. Do you want winners on your side or some half-wit, wonna be, whos trying to be a big shot?! Call Dan.


I believe Dan Davis and his team did an excellent job for me. I recommend them highly. I believe he got me the money I deserved. I don’t think another lawyer could have done any better. His assistant Tara was the best. She was always there when I needed to ask questions or just to talk. I greatly appreciate every thing they did for me. Great job.


I have had 2 cases with this firm and have been well taken care of each time. They always find time to answer my questions and help me in every way. I would never go anywhere else.


I had a very bad accident in 2004, I’m a nurse by trade so I don’t know or even used lawyers. The first lawyer I got I thought would do me right especially since he seen the accident. No, I was a money bag which he strung along for many years, I did a lot of the leg work, and kept getting worse. For two years my husband and family and friends kept telling me to get another lawyer, finally I started checking into lawyers, trying to find one that would care about my case and ME. I finally found Dan. Since I’ve found Dan, I have always felt comfortable around him and I feel in my heart he cares. In a sort time I got more results with Dan than I did with the other lawyer all those years. My case isn’t completely over yet but with Dan as my lawyer I feel a lot better about my case, Dan and his staff (Kim and the others) I am in good hands and if anyone needs a lawyer, Dan Davis and staff are the best and they prove every day they truly care about their clients. I highly recommend Dan Davis and staff for anyone’s lawyer if you need one.


Had a very complex work comp case. I used Mr. Davis for my case and received the greatest treatment I could ever imagine. The staff are wonderful. Dan Davis is by far the best attorney I've ever met!!! He and his great staff fight for you and will not back down. I highly recommend this firm to anyone. The first thing they told me was they were on MY team and they proved it!!! His wonderful assistance, Kim, is so very dedicated and great!!! I am a nurse and have dealt with many professionals but these folks are professionals who treat you like family, not just another client!!! My experience with Mr. Davis and his staff was excellent.


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