Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyers

An Oklahoma City car accident attorney from Dan Davis Law can navigate the state’s complex insurance system so you can recover your losses and achieve a sense of justice after suffering the pain and trauma of a preventable car accident.

If you or a loved one had a car accident in Oklahoma, you’ve probably already experienced the distress of dealing with painful medical procedures at the same time that you’re dealing with financial damages. It’s difficult to focus on recovering from serious injuries when the bills are piling up. If someone else’s negligence or recklessness behind the wheel caused your car accident, it’s even more distressing. Fortunately, Oklahoma civil courts offer injury victims a way to recover their financial losses as well as compensation for their pain and suffering through an Oklahoma car accident claim for property damage and personal injury. 

Car accidents can happen anywhere and usually occur when at least one driver acted negligently, carelessly, or recklessly. In such cases, it is crucial that victims of collisions contact experienced legal representation right away. Failure to do so may lead to serious financial burdens due to vehicle damage, costly medical bills, physical therapy costs, lost wages, and more.

Why Hire Us

At the Law Offices of Dan Davis, our Oklahoma City accident lawyers have spent 3 decades building a strong track record of success in obtaining justice and financial compensation for our injured clients. Our local resources and winning reputation work to benefit our clients throughout every stage of the legal process. At Dan Davis Law, a combination of compassion and a drive to win for our clients makes us a powerful force in navigating car accident claims. A diligent investigation of your accident, a clear demonstration of negligence and liability, and careful calculation of the maximum amount in damages work on your behalf as we negotiate a settlement or argue the case in court.

Contact the Oklahoma car accident lawyers at Dan Davis Law today for a free evaluation of your case so we can begin working on a winning strategy for your unique case. Our contingency fee payment method means we only get paid when we come through for you with an ample check for your damages.

Proving Liability in Oklahoma Car Accidents

Oklahoma is an at-fault state for car accident claims. Unlike the handful of no-fault states where accident victims file claims against their own insurance companies, Oklahoma demands that the at-fault driver, a city road maintenance agency who failed to address a hazard, or the manufacturer of a defective car part pay for damages—typically through the liability policy on their insurance.

Proving liability for a car accident means demonstrating that the party at fault for an accident:

  • Owed a duty of care to others on the road to take reasonable measures to prevent injury, such as a driver’s duty to avoid distractions and follow traffic laws, or a car parts manufacturer’s duty to produce reliable parts
  • That they breached this duty of care by acting negligently or with reckless behavior
  • That the breach of duty directly caused your injuries in a car accident
  • That you suffered significant economic and non-economic losses due to the injury

Once your attorney from the Law Offices of Dan Davis proves liability after a car accident, they can make a compelling case for your full compensation through negotiations with the appropriate insurance company. In the event that the insurance company does not offer ample compensation for your damages, your attorney from Dan Davis Law is more than ready to argue for your full compensation in court through a lawsuit.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma accident victims have two years from the date of the accident in which to file a lawsuit. While over 90% of car accident claims settle out of court through negotiations with the insurance company, if both parties cannot reach an agreement, the matter proceeds to a lawsuit which you and your attorney must file within the state’s 2-year statute of limitations.

What If I Was Partly at Fault for My Car Accident?

Oklahoma’s modified comparative negligence insurance law allows those injured in car accidents to recover some of their damages even if they shared fault in the accident as long as they were less than 50% at fault. The payout on their damages reflects their percentage of fault. For example, if you’re found to have been 20% at fault for an accident because you were traveling 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit, and your damages amount to $100,000, you’ll recover $80,000.

If the other driver or another entity was entirely at fault for the accident you can recover the full amount of your damages.

Types of Auto Accident Cases We Handle

The Law Offices of Dan Davis has handled a wide range of car accident cases, including those involving:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Fatigued Driving
  • Drunk Driving
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Rear-end Accidents
  • Accidents involving Uninsured Drivers
  • Head-on Collisions

Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

In the event that an auto accident occurs, it is crucial that you take the proper steps in order to protect your rights and future. To help, we suggest the following:

  • Contact the Police: First, you should contact the police right away. A law enforcement officer can document the accident and provide you with a police report should you choose to file a claim at a later date. Before leaving the scene of the accident, be sure to obtain a copy of the police report from the law enforcement officer.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Even if you do not feel injured, it is important you seek medical attention right away. In many cases, victims will not feel the extent of their injuries following a collision due to a spike in adrenaline. However, many of these victims experience pain and suffering later. By receiving medical attention, you can ensure your injuries have been documented should you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.
  • Call a Lawyer: Before you contact your insurance company, get in touch with an experienced lawyer. In most cases, insurance companies work diligently to minimize the claims of accident victims. For this reason, it is best to contact an attorney first to ensure you can pursue an adequate amount of financial compensation for your damages.

Your Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer Can Counteract Powerful Insurance Company Tactics for Denying Valid Claims

No one should go it alone against powerful insurance companies who do not have your best interests at heart. No matter how compassionate they might sound on the phone after your accident, an insurance adjuster’s sole job is to find ways to underestimate your claim or deny it completely in order to protect their profits. It’s always best to hire an attorney and then direct all communications with insurance companies to your lawyer. Insurance companies may use any of the following methods against you:

  • Calling you right after the accident with a low settlement offer when you couldn’t possibly know the true extent of your damages
  • Recording phone conversations and using your remarks out of context
  • Denying that your doctor-recommended treatment is necessary
  • Assigning you a larger percentage of fault in the accident than you deserve in order to minimize the amount they must pay on your claim

The attorneys at Dan Davis Law know what to expect from insurers and how to counteract these common tactics with fact-based arguments on your behalf.

What Damages Can I Recover After an Oklahoma Car Accident?

Accidents quickly become expensive, with medical bills, lost time from work, and a damaged or destroyed vehicle. A successful car accident claim in Oklahoma can bring compensation for damages such as the following:

  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses and future medical costs related to your injuries
  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning capacity if your injury caused a disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other applicable non-economic damages such as loss of pleasure in life, disfigurement, loss of limb, or PTSD

The legal team at Dan Davis Law are the attorneys to turn to after a serious car accident when recovering your losses is the first big step toward moving forward. Let an experienced and compassionate Oklahoma car accident attorney focus on navigating the legal system and insurance laws while you focus on your physical recovery. 

Reach out to our Oklahoma law office today for a free consultation on your car accident case.

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The Law Offices of Dan Davis is committed to helping individuals who have been seriously injured in auto accidents. A catastrophic injury from a car wreck can result in the inability to work, care for dependents, and significantly impact other parts of your life. If you were injured contact an injury lawyer in Oklahoma City, because you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact our legal team at the Law Offices of Dan Davis to learn more about the legal options available to you.