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Sometimes those who serve our country in the Armed Service need help themselves when it comes to seeking medical and disability benefits. Although Congress wrote the laws for applying for medical and disability benefits to be “veteran-friendly”, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs don’t always interpret those laws to be favorable for the veteran applying for them. That’s why you need an injury attorney in Oklahoma City to help you through the process to get you the benefits you deserve.

Why Hire Us

  • You Don’t Pay Unless We Win Your Claim: A lot of veterans are concerned that the cost of hiring an expert Veteran Benefits attorney is simply too expensive for them to consider, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You only pay your VA certified disability attorney at Dan Davis Law if your claim is successful. If we’re unable to win your claim, you don’t have to worry about paying for the process.
  • You Have Been Denied: Our experienced veteran benefits legal team has handled many VA benefits appeals, while it may like your ability to get the benefits you deserve has hit a wall, a denial is not the end of your claim. Appealing a denial can be a difficult process, that’s why you need an expert lawyer in laws for Veteran Benefits to have your back.
  • You Have a Complicated Claim: Sometimes if a Veteran Benefits claim is simple, like someone suffering from tinnitus, a free Veterans Service Organization can be sufficient to help with the process. However most of the time a claim can be complicated from endless issues with evidence or the process itself, requiring an expert certified disability attorney who knows how to navigates all the issues that may arise from a complicated claim.
  • You Are Frustrated: Being frustrated dealing with a complicated bureaucracy and a convoluted claims process is understandable. Once you hire an attorney those frustrations will become no more. No longer will you have to deal with the VA directly, we’ll handle all that for you instead.

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The Law Offices of Dan Davis is committed to helping veterans seek the benefits they deserve. Let us focus on your claim, you focus on what’s most important: your health. Your claim is too important to face this process alone.