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Many different occupations in Oklahoma are dangerous for workers, including the top industries of aviation, oil and gas production, and transportation. If you suffer an injury or illness at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The attorneys at Dan Davis Law can help you understand your rights and handle the process of pursuing workers’ comp in Moore, Oklahoma. If you need assistance with a workers’ compensation claim, please contact us for a free consultation today.

Why Choose Our Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

  • Employees throughout Oklahoma have trusted Attorney Dan Davis to represent them for years. Dan has a proven record of results gained through relentless and dedicated advocacy.
  • Our law firm is family-owned, family-run, and guided by a deep and abiding interest in helping others. We have assisted thousands of Oklahomans over the last 25 years.
  • Our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay your workers’ compensation attorney at Dan Davis Law unless we secure financial compensation for you.

How Does Oklahoma’s Workers’ Compensation System Work?

All 50 states have some version of a workers’ compensation system. In Oklahoma, workers’ compensation insurance is a legal requirement for most employers. If you are a covered employee and not an independent contractor, you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits if you suffer an injury or illness because of your job. You can receive benefits for the following, even if you cannot prove that someone else caused your injury:

  • Medical care, including both current and future medical needs
  • Replacement of about two-thirds of your lost wages
  • Compensation for temporary or permanent partial or total disability
  • Vocational retraining for workers who must find new jobs
  • Death benefits given to survivors if someone dies from a work-related injury or illness

Workers’ compensation is different from a personal injury lawsuit in several ways. While a lawsuit could result in greater compensation – such as benefits for pain and suffering – you must prove someone else is at fault. Workers’ comp, on the other hand, does not require you to prove fault or wrongdoing. You cannot file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer if you accept a workers’ compensation settlement. You may still have the right to bring a case against a third party, however, for greater compensation.

How Can a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help?

Although workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, it is not always easy to obtain fair compensation for your injury or illness as an employee in Oklahoma. Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing settlements to protect their own investors. An attorney may be necessary to assist you with the claims process if an insurance company is treating you unfairly or has wrongfully rejected your claim. Your lawyer can help you negotiate for maximum compensation or file an appeal.

If you have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit, an experienced lawyer can correctly handle the claims process. A lawyer can go up against one or more parties to prove fault and liability, as well as take your case to trial, if necessary. Most workplace accident claims and lawsuits in Oklahoma achieve settlements, however. Most importantly, hiring a lawyer can allow you to rest and relax during a difficult time in your life as an injured worker.

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