Edmond Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Suffering an injury or illness because of your job can have a major impact on all aspects of your life. You may face a temporary or permanent disability that prevents you from doing your favorite things, playing with your child or returning to work. You may also be faced with expensive medical bills and ongoing pain and suffering.

While the workers’ compensation program in Oklahoma is here to help injured workers obtain benefits to pay for their losses, insurance companies and employers do not always handle claims properly. If you need assistance getting the benefits that you deserve, contact Dan Davis Law to talk to an attorney. We offer free consultations to injured workers in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Why Clients Trust Dan Davis Law

  • Our accident attorneys in Oklahoma City have been representing injured workers throughout Oklahoma for more than 25 years. We have helped thousands of Oklahomans recover the compensation that they need.
  • We offer free consultations and can come to you, if necessary. We will meet with you in person, listen carefully to your story and give you legal advice tailored to your specific situation.
  • Our lawyers don’t charge for their services unless they win your case. We keep our fees affordable by operating on a contingency fee basis for all workers’ comp cases.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Oklahoma

Many different industries and work environments put employees at risk of serious injuries and illnesses. Common examples of work accidents in Oklahoma are falls, electrocutions, oil and gas explosions, construction accidents, and motor vehicle accidents. If you suffer any type of injury or disease related to your occupational tasks, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In Oklahoma, this program applies to most employees who are injured on the job.

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Oklahoma, take the following steps:

  1. Report your accident. Oklahoma law requires you to report an injury within 30 days or a repetitive motion injury or illness within 90 days to your employer.
  2. Go to an approved health care provider. Ask your employer what doctor to see. If you wish to change your medical care provider, you can request to do so once.
  3. File your claim. Your employer will provide you with the form that is needed to file a workers’ comp claim. Your employer can help you fill it out and submit it before the deadline.

The Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission will receive your claim and investigate. If they find that you are eligible for benefits, they will offer a settlement to cover your related losses. Benefits can pay for your medical costs, two-thirds of your lost wages, disability benefits, training for a new occupation and death benefits. If the Commission rejects your claim for any reason, you may be able to appeal the adverse decision with assistance from an attorney.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Although the workers’ compensation program was designed to help workers, insurance companies and employers often misuse the program to save money on claim payouts. You may need an attorney to assist you with the recovery process. An attorney can protect your rights as an injured worker in Oklahoma by negotiating for maximum financial compensation from an insurance company for you. A lawyer can also represent you during a personal injury claim, if available to you. You can trust your lawyer to handle the difficult and complicated aspects of your workers’ comp claim for you while you focus on healing.

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