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We all want the best for our elderly loved ones, the best care when their needs exceed our capabilities, and treatment that honors the respect and dignity they’ve earned over a lifetime. Unfortunately, senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to abuse, including financial exploitation by others. Elderly financial abuse is a serious and all too common problem in Oklahoma City and throughout the U.S. 

If you or an aging family member have experienced financial elder abuse, a financial elder abuse attorney in Oklahoma City can help. Call Dan Davis Law today for a free consultation so we can hear the details of your case.

Why Choose Us as Your Financial Elder Abuse Attorneys in Oklahoma City?

At Dan Davis Law, our team respects all elderly citizen’s right to dignity and compassion. We have an abiding sympathy for victims of elder financial abuse and seek to hold those who take advantage of the vulnerable elderly responsible for depleting their hard-earned resources. Our skilled personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma City formulate individualized strategies tailored to each unique case for the best possible outcome. At Dan Davis Law, we provide the following:

  • Free case consultations and contingency-based payment so you pay nothing until we recover your family’s compensation
  • Nearly three decades of experience in this type of elder abuse case with a track record of achieving justice for our clients
  • A family-owned local law firm with a policy of open, honest communication
  • Experienced negotiators and renowned litigators who put a powerful voice behind your claim

Lead attorney, Dan Davis, and the team of skilled attorneys at Dan Davis Law have secured over $400 million in compensation for clients, including those with elderly loved ones who’ve become victims of abuse, including financial elder abuse in Oklahoma City.

What Is Financial Elder Abuse?

Financial abuse against the elderly occurs when a person exploits an elderly individual to gain access to their financial assets, such as bank accounts, financial funds, credit lines, and property. This can occur to any elderly person, but those with cognitive decline are the most likely to become victims. The elderly person and their family members may not discover the transactions until the abuser has already significantly depleted or wiped out the elderly person’s assets, leaving them in financial and emotional distress.

Financial abuse often occurs by members of the victim’s family, but it’s also a growing problem in nursing homes when caregivers and staff members gain access to the elderly victim’s financial accounts. Financial abuse is the most common type of elder abuse in the United States, including in Oklahoma City. The average financial loss in elder abuse cases is $120,000 per victim.

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Common Types of Financial Elder Abuse in Oklahoma City

Elderly victims suffer many types of abuse both by caregivers in nursing home settings and by exploitive family members, including financial abuse that takes away a lifetime of hard-earned savings or assets. Common forms of financial abuse against the elderly include the following:

  • Threatening a victim into making financial transfers or granting access to accounts
  • Stealing the elderly person’s identity
  • Scamming 
  • Coercing or tricking the individual into signing documents when they aren’t aware of the consequences
  • Using manipulation to convince the individual into changing a will or estate plan in their favor
  • Stealing checkbooks, debit cards, and credit cards
  • Tricking the elderly person into writing direct checks or financial transfers into their account
  • Stealing valuables
  • Intercepting pension and social security checks or deposits
  • Moving into the elderly person’s home and using their vehicles and household goods

It’s important for family members to be vigilant and look for signs of financial abuse such as unexplained financial transactions, large credit card bills and balances, unusual shopping expenditures, and the sudden presence of a distant family member or non-family member in the loved one’s home.

Call the Financial Elder Abuse Lawyers at Dan Davis Law

An elderly victim may be too ashamed or embarrassed to admit they’ve been scammed or exploited, but financial abuse is a growing problem in Oklahoma City. No one should have to live with the impacts of financial abuse without seeking justice, accountability, and compensation. Contact Dan Davis Law, the elder abuse attorneys in Oklahoma City who take each case personally and strategize a personalized plan for the best possible outcome for victims and their families.