Oklahoma City Nursing Home Emotional Abuse

Many types of abuse are common in nursing homes, but emotional abuse may be the most pervasive and difficult to detect. It doesn’t leave bruises or broken bones, but emotional abuse can sharply impact the elderly resident’s quality of life and lead to cognitive and physical decline.

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Emotional abuse is insidious and devastating to vulnerable elderly individuals, taking a toll on their physical health and cognitive abilities. Nursing homes have a duty of care to uphold human dignity and provide complete care for those in their charge. When they breach this duty, the Oklahoma City injury attorneys at Dan Davis Law can help achieve justice for those harmed and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Understanding Emotional Abuse in Oklahoma City Nursing Homes

In a recent report, 81% of surveyed nursing home staff admitted to witnessing the emotional abuse of residents, including yelling and insulting. A further 40% admitted to committing behaviors that constitute emotional abuse. When caregivers inflict mental anguish, fear, or distress on nursing home residents, they can cause irreparable harm. Elderly residents may be unable to adequately express that they’ve been victimized by caregivers. Common types of emotional abuse in nursing homes include the following:

  • Shouting and yelling
  • Threatening
  • Intimidating
  • Insulting and name-calling
  • Berating and belittling
  • Shaming or humiliating 
  • Publically embarrassing a resident in front of others
  • Mocking age or disability
  • Treating the resident like a child
  • Taking away or hiding personal items as a punishment
  • Isolating the resident
  • Intentionally ignoring the resident

Emotional abuse takes many forms. Because the signs of emotional abuse are more subtle than physical abuse signs, it’s important for family members to visit their loved ones frequently and watch for symptoms of abuse.

nursing home emotional abuse in Oklahoma city

Signs of Emotional Abuse in the Elderly

Some residents report their emotional abuse to family members, but more commonly, they’re too embarrassed and ashamed or don’t wish to become a burden to family members. Some remain quiet due to fear of reprisals. Many are cognitively unable to report their abuse. Common signs of emotional abuse in nursing homes include the following:

  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Change in mood or personality
  • Unusual self-comforting behaviors like rocking or sucking
  • Agitation or signs of distress
  • Reluctance to talk in front of caregivers
  • A caregiver’s reluctance to leave family members alone with the resident

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It’s a difficult and distressing time for family members when they discover their loved one has suffered emotional abuse at the hands of the nursing home staff entrusted with caring for them with compassion and respect. If your loved one experienced emotional abuse at the hands of their caregivers in a nursing home, call the Oklahoma City nursing home abuse attorneys at Dan Davis Law today so we can hear about your case and begin prompt action.